North County Water Beetles

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Who are we?

We are a group of Volkswagen New Beetle owners who are just looking for a good time. The idea of a New Beetle specific group was envisioned by Pat, a member of, who wanted to start a New Beetle+ specific club. Dustin, this sites founder, drawing inspiration from other New Beetle clubs and help from the ORG, started North Country Water Beetles. 

Our Purpous!

Our purpose, is to bring the owners of New Beetles and the new Beetle together to have some fun and meet new people. Pretty much the purpose is to swarm an unsuspecting town and show people that New Beetles are cool, and that they are more than just cars. 

Our club is open to anyone with a New Beetle, whether you have a bone stock car, or a super modded performance machine, you will be welcome. Sell your bug? Don't leave us, once a member, always a member.

Beetle Specific Event Details!

Tail of the Dragon - 

TOD was started in 2009 by Orger VWGary. The maiden voyage was just 12 New Beetles. It was so fun and they all wanted to do it again, it became a yearly thing. The TOD GTG is a family friendly event. The first day, Friday, is full of meet and greets, and photo ops. Just meeting everyone, that you probably havent seen in a year, and meeting new faces. That night get together on the grassy knoll for pizza and a movie. Saturday, day 2, we will meet for breakfast, car wash and depart to "Tame the Dragon"!! Saturday night we will enjoy BBQ at the TOP(Base of Opperations), also another movie. Sunday, the third and final day, we have a departure breakfast, and either return home, or you can stick around and enjoy "Six Chuter Sunday". Named after fellow Orger SixChuter, SCS doesn't have any itinerary. Just a casual day to wind down and reflect on the weekend. Possibilities of events include an early morning taming of the dragon, Dam Beetles(exploring the many dams of the region), the road to nowhere(a litteral road to nowhere!!), or you can just hang out in Bryson City and explore, or chill with your new friends. 

For those who dont know what the Dragon is, the dragon is a stretch of road in North Western North Carolina that runs into Tennessee. This road boasts 318 curves in its 11 mile stretch. The dragon is a mecca for motorcycles and sports cars, and it puts your driving skills to the test. This year(2013) will be NCWB's first presence, so the Dragon better watch out! :)

For more info, please check out:

The TOD official website

The NewBeetle.Org forum

Talimena Scenic Drive - The TSD was started in 2012 by Pat(Pushing Fifty), and Randi(OhRandi). Pat wanted to start a more central get together, for those of us who cant make it to Tail of the Dragon and Roswell2K. The idea came from fellow Orger, SixChuter, who tried to start a GTG there in 2009, which only drew a small gathering. The maiden voyage of TSD included Dustin, Pat and Randi, was successfull and, although we had three beetles, we turned heads. 

The Talimena Scenic Drive is a stretch of highway between Oklahoma and Arkansas that takes you high up into the Quachita National Forest. Along the drive there are 20 something vistas for you to stop and take pictures. 

I highly encourage you to visit:

Talimena Scenic Drive website

The thread

Roswell2k - The Roswell GTG was started in 2000 in Roswell, New Mexico. R2K was the result of someone wanting to GTG with other silver beetles. I am having trouble digging up the history, will update later. Anyway, this 4-day event  has MANY things to do and see. The GTG kicks off on a Thursday with a Welcome dinner. Friday, there will be an afternoon rally, photo ops and "Parking Lot Olympics!" Saturday morning there will be shopping and car cleaning. That night, there will be a car show, hot wheels racing, and watching New Beetle ads and other NB videos. The night will round off with a cruise up the strip. And Sunday with a send off Awards Breakfast Banquet. 

For the latest info, please head on over to the Thread. 

Need to tell us something or ask us something, please fill out this form and we will get right back to ya! 

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